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South America

From: Ushuaia – Machu Picchu
When: Nov 08 – May 09
Distance: 8,205 kms
Kms/day: 79 kms/day
Expenditure: US$40/day
Challenges: Battling 100km/hr headwinds, endless gravel roads, unfriendly dogs, high altitudes and the driest desert on earth
Highlights: Crossing the Andes at 4,840m, freedom of wild camping & crossing the Salar de Uyuni by bike

South America route log

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From: London – Saint Petersburg
When: May 09 – Sep 09
Distance: 6,404 kms
Kms/day: 91 kms/day
Expenditure: US$49/day
Challenges: Following the Alps, inclement weather, keeping to our US$50/day budget & getting to Moscow on time
Highlights: Tackling the famous Tour de France passes, stunning scenery all along, & discovering the generosity of Eastern Europeans

Europe route log

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From: Beijing – Singapore
When: Sep 09 – Mar 10
Distance: 10,509 kms
Avg Kms/day: 98 kms/day
Expenditure: US$40/day
Challenges: Communicating and navigating (especially in China), dangerous drivers and avoiding terrorists (Sth Thailand)
Highlights: Discovering China, lots of good food, and the beaches of Sth East Asia
Asia route log

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From: Darwin – Melbourne
When: Mar 10 – July 10
Distance: 8,397 kms
Kms/day: 97 kms/day
Expenditure: US$34/day
Challenges: Vast distances in the Outback, road trains, crocs, snakes, sharks, spiders and the list goes on!
Highlights: Familiar scenery, visiting the school children following our journey, and seeing family and friends again
Australia route log