It is 33 515 kms from Ushuaia, Argentina to Beaumaris, Melbourne.  Why do we know this?  Because we have now cycled it!!  It has been an amazing 19 months, that has both challenged and tested us, but I am very pleased to say – it did not beat us.  We arrived home, unscathed and as expected, on the 3rd July and just in time for Jess’s mum’s birthday!!  In every way it was a success, and one we are both very proud of.

Saturday was an overwhelming and unforgettable day.  Family & friends turned out in droves, braving the Melbourne cold, to cheer us over the finish line.  It was the perfect homecoming, and just like what we had talked about so many times on the road.  We’d like to thank everyone for their support, especially, Rob & Jenny for hosting such a fantastic welcome, Luke & Carly for all the yummy food, and the Queensland contingent, including my parents, Frank, Ryan and Mel for coming all that way.  We loved and appreciated every single moment.

But there is more good news.  As one adventure ends, another begins – Jess & I are getting hitched!!  Woohoo!!  You learn a lot about a person, sharing a journey like the one we have just completed.  But keeping it simple, I can’t imagine or would want to live my life without her.  And luckily for me, she feels the same way too ;-) !!

So for the ride, that is it.  It has been a fantastic pleasure to share it with you all, and we thank everyone that has followed and enjoyed it.  Life is the adventure – so embrace the challenge, and make yours great, each and every day!!


Jules & Jess

Our private celebration, on the beach at Beaumaris, before the big arrival


33 515 kms ... a challenge and a test, but it didn't beat us !!


We are getting hitched... but no one else know's yet


The final few pedals to the finish line


We are home - now the bikes go straight into the shed !!


Family & friends turned out in droves to cheer us over the finish line


An achievement we are very proud of


As one adventure ends, another begins.


Jess tells her Mum she's engaged... woohoo!!


A very happy man


Thanks Luke & Carly for the yummy food !!


Thanks everyone for being a part of it.