I’m fairly certain there were only four people camping in Victoria this past week – Jess & I, plus Jess’s father, Rob, and family friend, Reese, who had joined us for the ride to Phillip Island from Seaspray.  Why are we so sure?  Because if you had any sense, you were curled up in front of a heater, or wrapped tightly in a doona (or duvet for those in the UK)!!  It was a bitterly cold few days…

Reeves Beach, right on the infamous Bass Coastline, was the low point – temperature wise – of the unfortunately timed ride.  After lying awake listening to gunfire through the night, and hoping the fox hunters weren’t aiming our way, we awoke to find our tents and everything else frozen solid.  There was enough ice to even make a snow man, albeit a small one!  If only Dave & Sue were here now, with the Nissan heater set to boost!!

When we did eventually thaw out, the scenery around us was stunning.  The endless eucalypt forests of East Gippsland had been replaced with lush green rolling dairy and sheep country.  It reminded you of Devon or Cornwell, not land you would expect to find in a “sunburnt country”!  What is more amazing though; is just how close this rural countryside is to the centre of Melbourne.  So shh – keep it a secret!!

But the cold didn’t beat us, and neither did the wind around Toora, or a persistent days rain heading into Cape Paterson.  With beaming smiles and under bright sunshine we rode into Phillip Island on time.  Had it been a good week, or were we just glad it was over?  It was probably a bit of both, but regardless, we had a lot of fun and very much enjoyed Rob & Reese’s company in our last week “on the bikes”.  Who else would have been crazy enough to join us in the middle of winter??!!

It really is the home stretch now.  We have only 100 kms to Melbourne and the finish.  We will be there this Saturday, then our amazing and incredible adventure will be over.  What seemed near impossible, in the howling wind of Patagonia, now seems very possible, and is literally just down the road.  Yeah baby!!

We hope you have enjoyed it, just as much as we have.

Jules & Jess

Stepping back in time - welcome to Victoria !!


Whale watching near Marlo (we actually did see a few!!)


The man, the horse, the river


Dave (L) handling logistics with the Nissan. Reese scared (R).


Four crazy campers. With Rob (foreground) and Reese (playing full back).


On the road. The Gippsland plains.


Reese and his super inflatable pillow (can be also used for body boarding!)


Geez, my tent is frozen! Rob early morning at Reeves Beach.


So are the bikes!!


"Frosty" the small but not insignificant Snow Man!!


Like father, like daughter. Jess and her dad.


Finally thawed out and surrounded by stunning lush green pasture!!


Riding single file. Jess setting a blistering pace towards Toora.


Rob, aka "billy the mountain goat", just loves the hills.


A brief rest stop. Jess organising the troops.


Cold, wind & rain - nothing will stop them! Rob and Reese racing to Cape Paterson.


All smiles. The sun is shining and Phillip Island is just up ahead.


It was alot of fun - thanks for joining us guys!!