The absolute worst weather for cycling – is rain.  Water has a knack of finding its way in everywhere, plus the constant damp will eventually test even the toughest resolve.  Hmm, Frank arrives by train from Sydney tonight, there is a severe weather warning issued for the Hunter Valley, and rain is forecast all week – let’s just hope he is still talking to us by the end of it!!

Pleasingly, we made it through the stormy night, but as expected, it was a rather wet tour around the Hunter Valley wineries.  It didn’t matter though, our spirits were high, and a bit of rain wasn’t going to spoil the party – even if we had to roll our pants up, to cross the flood waters, getting to the toilet block in the Cessnock caravan park!!

The ride down to Lake Macquarie was a lot more pleasant, and gave us a chance to dry out.  Jess’s friends Megan & Matt were waiting for us, and we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, before sitting down to feast fit for a hundred kings!!  Thanks folks – it couldn’t have been more perfect!

It was then a long and hilly ride along the Central Coast to Bouddi National Park.  Unfortunately, it rained again, but camping right on the beach, we were all amazed to think, this “wild and rugged” place was only a stone’s throw from the CBD!!

Forget the Harbour Bridge Walk, if you want the ultimate adrenalin experience in Sydney – catch the Wagstaff to Palm Beach ferry.  For under $10, they’ll take you in a small catamaran, out over the bar and through the rolling Pittwater swell – even Frank was glad to get back on his bike!

A short ride along the Northern Beaches, then one last hill, that was so steep it nearly claimed us all, and we were home, at Frank’s place in Fairlight.  Well done mate, against the odds you proved yourself and surpassed all expectations.  Again, top effort!!

From here, after a short break, we push out alone for the final run down to Melbourne.  It’s all getting very, very exciting now!

Enjoy the (last of the) ride!

Jules & Jess

Jess roo spotting, enroute to the rendevous with Frank


Camping out in the Branxton Rodeo Grounds, preparing for Frank's arrival and a night of wild weather.


Frank and I, soaked to the bone amongst the Hunter Valley vines.


Spirits were high - a little rain wasn't going to spoil the party. De Illuis winery.


Drying out on Lake Macquarie.


Compliments to the chef! Dinner with Matt & Meaghan


No rest for the wicked - saying goodbye 7.30am Sunday morning!!


Frank, settling in and enjoying the hills


Once perilous, now safe! Norah Head Lighthouse c1903


Enjoying a short sunny break...


...before a tough afternoon - lots of hills


Little Beach, Bouddi NP - wild & rugged but only a stones throw from the CBD!!


Bit chilly this morning - Jess & I delaying the inevitable...


The adrenalin ride - Wagstaff to Palm Beach ferry


Yeah baby! Frank, home in Fairlight, Sydney.