Just outside Calliope, pedaling uphill early morning, something just wasn’t right…?  Staring at Jules’ broken pedal on the roadside a metre behind him it clicked – the crank arm had sheared off the bottom bracket!!  We both looked at each other, “Houston, we have a problem!”

Luckily, Graeme & Cass lived nearby, and were able to take us into Gladstone to get “Tez” fixed up.  By mid morning, we were back at the scene of the crime, and ready to go again.  Thanks a million, you’re lifesavers!!

Shortly after, we ran into Sarah Mycroft and her family in Miriam Vale.  Sarah is attempting to be the first woman to run around Australia!!  It’s a huge effort and we wish her every success.  Go, Sarah!!  You can follow her trip online at

It was time for a rest, and what better place than Fraser Island – the world’s largest sand island.  We met up with Jules’ parents, Terry & Elaine, and headed over to test out their new 4WD and catch up on all the missed moments of the last 18 months.  It was simply, the ‘perfect’ weekend.

Returning to Gympie, where Jules’ had spent some years growing up, we stopped in at the Woodworks Museum to see the tools & techniques used by our early timber cutters.  Colin gave us a superb run through and demonstration, leaving us both in awe of these hard working men & women.

Last but not least, we visited Jules’ old school, St Patrick’s College where we presented to the year 5, 6 & 7 classes.  It was fantastic afternoon, and we very much thank the teachers and students for having us along.  That familiar school bell rang, and we were dismissed – with no homework this time!!

From here, we weave through the Sunshine Coast, catching up with family & friends along the way, before arriving at Jules’ parents place in Dayboro.  We are not so far from “home” anymore!

Enjoy the ride!

Jules & Jess      

"Houston, we have a problem!"

Jess patiently waiting while we are in Gladstone fixing Tez!

Graeme & Cass - Thanks a million, your lifesavers!!

Sarah Mycroft & her family. Huge effort - Go, Sarah !!

Back with my parents after 18 mths and 30 000 Kms

Sand dune right up to the waters edge. Lake Wabby, Fraser Island.

You can even see the fish swimming!!

Like father, like son...

Testing out the new 4WD. All the roads are made of sand!!

Terry - our fearless driver

Elaine & Jess - the fearless passengers !!

The main beach is the quickest way around - it even has a 80km/hr speed limit !!

4WD's aren't the only things you have to watch out for!!

The Maheno Wreck. The ship that never made it to Japan!!

It was once 4 decks high, but now getting consumed by the sea & sand!

The "coolest" way to see Eli Creek, is wading through it!

With Colin & a 600 yo slice of Kauri Pine at the Woodworks Museum in Gympie

Colin, hard at work, demonstrating the tools & techniques of our early timber cutters

Back in school. Presenting to year 5, 6 & 7 at St Patricks College, Gympie

A fantastic afternoon. Thanks everyone for having us along.