Why do we always seem to be going the wrong way??  In South America, battling 100km/hr headwinds we were constantly being told this.  Now in Australia, we find ourselves in the same situation – but thankfully, the conditions are much less severe.  If you are ever going to cycle the world, definitely do not follow us, unless of course, you enjoy pedaling into the wind!!

As we pushed south, the scenery gradually changed – endless expanses of sugar cane, gave way to rolling cattle country, which at the moment, was lush, green and bursting with life.  We stopped briefly in Bowen for Anzac Day, then again in Eton, to visit Graeme and Robyn on their deer farm.  The land around Mackay is some of the most stunning we’ve seen along the coast.

The famously “boring” stretch between Sarina and Rockhampton passed by relatively quickly – although, it still took 3 days, so keep that in mind next time you drive it.  On the whole, we are finding coastal drivers considerate, with the biggest hassle being an inconsistent road shoulder.  Where do all our tax dollars go…??

Coming into Rocky, Jules got to reminisce about his army days – passing by that familiar turn off to Shoalwater Bay, and looking rather pleased to be keeping going!  Rockhampton is known as the “Beef Capital” and we visited the Central Queensland Livestock Exchange (CQLX) to get the real auction experience.  It was fast paced and exciting – but just don’t scratch your nose, or you will end up with a pen full of steers!!

We took a few days R&R in Yeppoon, catching up with Frank, who was in town from Sydney, and staying with his parents on their avocado farm.  It was a real treat, soothing wind worn muscles and catching up with missed mates. Thanks folks, it couldn’t have been better!!

We’re also up to 30 000 Kms now – which while we can’t be sure, is looking like being one of the longest continuous cycle journeys ever undertaken by an Aussie couple.  No wonder we were feeling a little tired…

From here, we have a quick stop on Fraser Island, then onto Brisbane and Jules’s home town. We are definitely getting excited now!!

Enjoy the ride

Jules & Jess

PS – The “Long Way Home” is no longer a secret – you can check out the newspapers that have been writing about our journey here;

Anzac Day in Bowen. Lest We Forget.


Bowen is home to the world's most consumed tropical fruit - the Mango, Man!


Stunning views around Mackay


Robyn Jackson on the farm in Eton


Didn't get to see a real Cane burn - but cheated instead with this pic!!


Lunch on the road - food is our fuel

The famously boring "Sarina to Rocky" stretch


Only in Australia would you get a sign like this


Even when there is a shoulder - we have the rumble strip to avoid


Jess cool calm and collected - while being passed at close range at 110km/hr


30 000 Kms - possibly the longest continuous cycle ride by an Aussie couple ??!!


Army Days. The familiar Shoalwater Bay turn off.


Sunset on the Edwards' Avocado Farm


No visit to Yeppoon is complete, without indulging in a chocolate at the famous Kaboozies!!


Live auction action at CQLX. Don't rub your nose!!


Moo-ve over and give me some room, please !!


With Gary Wendt, showing us around CQLX


Jess and Frank (aka Eddie) enjoying a dip at Stoney Creek


Resting and catching up with missed mates!!