How far can you ride on a tyre stitched together with fishing line?  Unfortunately a badly split sidewall, which required this innovative roadside repair, meant we were going to find out…

But fortunately, well sort of, this incident happened outside the Mount Molloy Café – home of the world’s best hamburgers.  Fate had brought us together, so we treated ourselves with two of Rudy & Angela’s masterpieces. Truly, inspirational stuff!

Dropping off the Tablelands, we then entered the breathtaking Daintree National Park – the oldest continually surviving tropical rainforest on earth!  All that huffing and puffing up the Alexandra Range was worth it, on the other side, pristine rainforest, white sandy beaches and fringing reefs along the shoreline.  We visited the Daintree Discovery Centre to learn more, and get a unique perspective on the rainforest – seeing it from the top of their 23m canopy tower!  Tyre a little wobbly, but still ok.

While continuing our ride onto Cape Tribulation – the most northerly point on our journey through Queensland – we were lucky enough to see a male Cassowary and chic crossing the road.  There are only about 1,200 of these ancient birds left in Australia – proof that you really do see more travelling by bike!  That tyre looks like it might just make it (we hope) ?

We then did an about face, and headed to Port Douglas and then beyond to Cairns.  The ride along the Pacific Highway that links the two cities was spectacular, winding its way right along the coast.

You wouldn’t believe it, but that dodgy tyre got us there – almost 300 kms!  But we were sure pleased to see Anne-Marie, whom we stayed with in Cairns, and our new tyres that were there waiting for us!

From here – now finally heading in the right direction for Melbourne – we head for Townsville.   It’s the home stretch now.

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

Jules & Jess

Kids, check out the Daintree factsheet below;

Introduction To The Daintree Rainforest

O-Oh trouble, a badly split sidewall


Our innovative fishing line repair job. Will it hold to Cairns?


Mount Molloy Cafe. Rudy & Angela with their masterpieces!


Truly inspirational stuff!


First, you have to catch a ferry before you start toward Cape Trib


Your not really there though, till you cross the Alexandra Range


This is sweat, not rain!


But the top is always worth it, especially here


With Peter and Kass from the award winning Daintree Discovery Centre


A rainforest has many levels


And you get to see them all on the 23m canopy tower


What do you mean, LOOKOUT SNAKE ??!!


You can't ride past ice-cream this good!! Aneysha (L) and Abi (R) from the Daintree Ice-Cream Company.


Slow down and be Cass-o-wary! But as if we will see one...


Cooper Creek, Daintree NP (really, that is what it's called!)


Oh what a feeling! Thornton Beach, Daintree NP


Why did the Cassowary cross the road...? What a moment!


Jess on Cape Trib beach, both stunning views


The Daintree. A fantastic few days (that's tea in the background!)


Jess, cooling off in Mossman Gorge


We really liked Port Douglas


The Pacific Highway to Cairns winds right along the coast