It doesn’t just rain in Nth Qld, so much water falls, it is like someone is throwing a bucket of water at you, over and over again. In fact, Tully gets so much water, they have built a 7.9 m “Golden Gumboot” in the main street – incredibly, its height is equal to the amount of rain recorded here in 1950, and is an Australian record! So now that we know all this, it comes as no surprise that our ride south from Cairns was a little damp…

But it began with a fantastic send off, from Anne-Marie, Bryce and Portia, who joined us on their bikes for the ride to Edmonton. There were possibly a few sore bums the next day, but judging by the smiles before we left them, I think you could safely say it was worth it. Great effort folks!

Just north of Innisfail, we bumped into Link from St Kilda. Now if you think we are crazy, he is walking from Cairns to Melbourne – slowly, of course! You can check his facebook page here.

If you ever visit Nth Qld, you simply can’t miss the Great Barrier Reef. For a start, it’s 2 300 km long, the same size as Germany, and the largest living thing visible from space! It’s also really, really cool too – so you just have to see it!!

First, we hopped on board with the friendly crew at Sunlover Cruises for a trip to Moore Reef, just off the coast of Cairns. It was a great day, a wonderful experience, and we even got to pat a giant fish!

Next, we visited the Reef HQ Aquarium in Townsville, where you can see all the amazing stuff the reef has to offer – but not get wet!! They even have a Turtle Hospital, where sick and injured turtles are cared for and rehabilitated. Simply, awesome, dude!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Graeme and Charlie from the Coral Coast Caravan Park, in Townsville, amazed us by organising a fundraising BBQ on our behalf. It was a great night, we got to meet lots of people, talk about all the good stuff Ardoch is doing, and share a bit of our journey.

Speaking of which, it’s scary to think, that that “journey” is getting closer to the end. With now 29 000 km under our belts, there is only 10 weeks to go before Melbourne… Aaargh!!!

But it is not over yet. Our next stop will be Rockhampton on the Central Qld Coast.

Enjoy the ride!

Jules & Jess

Hey Kids, the factsheet is coming, but in the meantime check out the following Great Barrier Reef links below;

Reef HQ

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

With Anne-Marie, having brekkie on the Esplanade in Cairns


View of Cairns from the Red Arrow lookout


Great sunset shot, if only that bloke didn't get in the way!!


With Teaghan Maitland from Sunlover Cruises


Sunlovers' reef pontoon at Moore Reef


They just don't stop smiling! The friendly Sunlover crew waving goodbye.


Ready to roll! With Anne-Marie, Bryce and Portia.


Sore bums and smiles. In Edmonton 20 kms south of Cairns.


With Link, who is walking to Melbourne - slowly, of course!!


Tully, home of the Golden Gumboot and lots of rain!!


Anyone want a banana? There are plenty around here !!


We've found the perfect beach. Wongaling, Mission Beach.


You don't get more "Queensland" than this!


All downhill from Cairns, hey?! Except for the Cardwell Range!!


By popular demand - another jumping shot!! How's the helmet !!


Laura Dunstan from Reef HQ, showing us around the Turtle Hospital


How many different corals can you see here ?


Want a good reason to take climate change seriously? If the ocean heats up, only females turtle are born, which = extinction !


Not all sharks are dangerous - this Tawny Nurse shark likes lots of cuddles!!


On The Strand in Townsville - Melbourne and the end is getting close now!