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Sore bums and smiles


We are on the road - 3 days in fact. Jess and i have crossed Tierra del Fuego and are now in Rio Grande. Its been an eventful first 300kms or so…

Flying into Ushuaia was amazing but at the same time terrifying. The mountains are huge – can we do this ??

Ushuaia is a pretty grim place, but its surrounds are amazing especially the Tierra del Fuego National Park.  We camped there overnight and contemplated the road ahead staring up at the mountains (they are literally everywhere!).

Dogs are everywere too, though pleasingly they seem more fond of Jess than myself.

Our first “real” day riding was not a walk in the park – we had to cross Garibaldi Pass first. Jess and i are pleased to say we both did (just) and without having to get off and push! There is not that much traffic (which is good) and the truck drivers all give you a friendly toot as they fly by. However, i think this is guilt for the wind, flying stones and dust they leave in their wake.

There is not much between towns, actually there is nothing. We spent our first night in a closed down campsite near Lake Fagnano, second in the gauchos quarters on a working station (thankyou collins english/spanish dictionary) and now a rowing club. So varied accomodation is an amusing part of our daily travels.

Jess and I are also pleased to say we are not alone. We have met an English couple, French couple and a French/Dutch couple en route so far. Amigos with whom we swap tips for the road ahead, cry on each others shoulders and complain about the relentless wind.

From here the going gets tougher (ie. more wind and now dirt roads). We will next say hello from Punta Arenas in Chile.  In the meantime, here are some pics.

Enjoy! Adios!

Flying into Ushuaia... OMG

The mountains flying into Ushuaia

Camping in Tiera del Fuego NP

Camping in Tierra del Fuego NP

Ignorance is bliss

Ignorance is bliss

Jess the Gaucho!

Jess the Gaucho!

Tez and Matilda having a rest

Tez and Matilda having a rest

Hard work - but better than sitting behind a desk

Hard work - but better than sitting behind a desk

We’re almost ready !

Hi there, we are Jules and Jess.  Two Aussies that met in London and are now on our way home … the long way – by bike!

We plan to cross many countries, meet many people and survive in many different environments.  To do so, we will have to tackle the good and bad times together.  We will ride some 40,000kms in just under 2yrs. 

Our expedition is being planned in 4 separate stages;

  • Nov 08 – May 09       South America – Ushuaia to Lake Titicaca
  • Jun 09  – Aug 09       Europe
  • Sep 09 - May 09       Asia
  • Jun 10  – Aug 10       Australia

We depart from London on the 23rd November.  We’re almost ready !

Stay tuned to this website and enjoy the ride.

Kind regards,

Jules & Jess