An Aussie couple cycling 33,000 kms the “long way home” to Australia.

What started as just an idea has become an epic journey across 4 continents, 27 countries and every type of terrain and weather imaginable. And the cycling has only been part of the challenge – finding food and shelter in some of the remotest parts of the world has tested our courage, ingenuity and determination. Along the way, we have inspired well-wishers, fellow travellers and locals with our efforts and will to succeed – it’s the sort of achievement that makes us proud to be Aussies and one we want to share.

From March to July, we will ride approx 7,700 kms from Darwin, via Cairns to Melbourne.

In doing so, we will be working with the Ardoch Youth Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation that is helping to make education a reality for many thousands of disadvantaged Aussie children and young people.

For many of these kids, day to day life can be even more challenging than it is for us. Dysfunctional families, homelessness and poverty make getting an education, and hence a good start in life, a constant uphill battle. Against this background, the Ardoch Youth Foundation is an organisation that is making a real difference. Working with schools in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, they are finding these kids and giving them the support they need to continue their education and reach their potential on their own “long way home”.

We will share the final leg of our journey with the students Ardoch supports. Through our website blog and school visits, we aim to provide these kids with a fun way to learn about Australia’s history, geography and culture, demonstrate the benefits of cycling and physical fitness and give them a personal insight into what it takes to succeed.

Importantly, these messages are not just for children but every Australian.

We invite you to be part of this amazing journey – browse the website, follow the blog, and if you feel the urge, make a donation, comfortable in the knowledge that everything you give will directly benefit these kids in need.

Enjoy the ride!

Jules & Jess